"It’s made a massive difference to the organisation because it’s not finger in the air stuff anymore. It’s hard evidence in front of you. And doing that is absolutely invaluable."

OneFile, right from the beginning, was very supportive of what we were doing.

We saw the economy of scale OneFile was going to bring us, we’d seen other providers, and they weren’t giving us what we needed – the opportunities to develop real competence.

Benefits all round

When you take the OneFile apps onto site, your consumables go to zero. The best way to put it is a ‘Carbon Free system’ our carbon footprint goes to zero.

From a safety perspective you’re looking at early information that is delivered on the software and it’s not just eportfolio, you can use other aspects of the OneFile system. It’s all stored in the cloud and it’s away from being a physical entity that can be lost or destroyed.

Taking it global

And as a global business, the fact that the eportfolio can be accessed anywhere in the world is a major commercial advantage to us. We’ve used the eportfolio system for delivering qualifications in Houston, in Baku, we’re looking at using it in Indonesia, Oman, in Equatorial Guinea and in other places that we actually do business.

The futures looking very bright!

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