TTE: An assessor’s view

TTE: An assessor’s view

"Since moving the benefits have been immeasurable, and we have seen improvements across all areas of the business."

Being the guinea pig

"I was first introduced to OneFile in 2012 working as an assessor delivering competence qualifications to a number of learners. Being the ‘guinea pig’ of the department as it was, all of my learners were moved over onto OneFile, from the previous paper portfolio of evidence. I instantly noticed a difference in my workload, the system was so transparent, I knew exactly what needed to be done in terms of allowing the learners to complete their qualifications and I was able to make assessment decisions, quicker and smarter.

"At the time we conducted a survey to identify the learner experience with the OneFile eportfolio system verses the paper portfolio, and we found significant improvements to learner satisfaction of 32%. As an assessor I found that it cut down on the amount of cross referencing paperwork, and in the first year it saved me on average 8.5 hours of assessment time per candidate."

Forced into success

The learners found the system easy to use and it gave them a deeper understanding of their requirements, with them being able to track their progress and click on the gap analysis at any point. As an assessor, it saved me much non-value added time doing paperwork and cross referencing evidence.

"The system forces you to carry out efficient assessment activities as you have to conduct assessments and record them as you go along, the planning tool ensures that all work is agreed with the learner, and overall ensures correct assessment practices are followed."

OneFile is an outstanding tool

"It allows you to carry out assessment and IQA activities seamlessly. As a centre manager in OneFile I have been able to assist the assessment team in improving practices and being more efficient in terms of assessment planning, cross referencing, and IQA practices.

"We operate on average over 200 learners at any one time in the system, across multiple qualifications and 4 major awarding organisations. In 2013 following a successful trial of the product we decided to move all of our NVQ operations onto the eportfolio system from a traditional paper based set-up.

Immeasurable benefits

"Since moving the benefits have been immeasurable, as we have seen improvements across all areas of the business:

  • Operational practice
  • Improved interaction and learner engagement
  • Employer input and contribution

"Efficiencies have come as a direct result of using the OneFile system, including a significant reduction in assessment time in terms of assessment paperwork, and a significant reduction in the use of resources such as paper and printing materials.

"On average, assessment time required to complete a portfolio per learner has been reduced by 30%, which is a large improvement within the team. Printing facilities in the department have reduced by over 69%. And the improvements have allowed our assessment team to manage learner workload better ensuring timely completions."


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