Training Plus Merseyside

Training Plus Merseyside

"We wouldn’t have been graded ‘good’ without OneFile... Ofsted were really impressed."
TPM is a small to medium-sized training provider based in Merseyside. They have been using OneFile since 2012 – just before an Ofsted inspection. 

OneFile was going to make a massive difference.

“Even in the early stages, we could see that OneFile was going to make a massive difference to our processes. It took about a year to train every assessor and member of staff so they were competent using OneFile – then we started to radicalise the business.

"We started just using the basic features of OneFile, but as we realised the full potential of the system we began to roll it out across the business. We now use every part of OneFile and have adapted it to suit our needs – even using aspects of the software to complete tasks it wasn’t designed for! That’s the best thing about OneFile – it’s completely flexible and you can make it work for you.”

We wouldn’t have been graded ‘good’ without OneFile.

“One of the biggest impacts for us was Ofsted inspections. The inspector said we wouldn’t have been graded ‘good’ without OneFile. They liked that they could follow a learner right through the system until they had completed.

"With OneFile, there is a clear progression of learners and each learner knows where they’re up to. Work is completely trackable and you can see information going back and forth between learner and assessor. You can set clear targets and see if they have been met with a click of a button – rather than searching through reams of paperwork.”

Ofsted were really impressed.

“During our inspection, Ofsted also asked to see evidence of all learners’ SASE hours. This took us by surprise, but instead of panicking and rifling through paperwork, it was easy to find the log of timesheets – whether for educational, vocational or functional learners – as all training is completed and saved in an electronic timesheet. Ofsted was really impressed with this as it reduces the amount of work required, is cheap to maintain and everything is always kept up to date as it is automated. Ofsted said ‘if we had come a few months earlier, you wouldn’t have been graded good.’"

It’s all there on the dashboard.

"You can just click on a learner, select the parameters and get the reports you need in just a few clicks. In fact, it’s so good we’re piloting OneFile across our sales department to monitor their progress and make sure they’re performing against their set targets.”

Moving forward

"Before we started, 100% of our processes were on paper – it’s now 100% electronic. Staff have completely embraced the system and learners much prefer to work online – we haven’t had any problems at all."

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