South Devon College

South Devon College

"Our account manager ensured any issues were quickly and easily resolved!"

Ranked the number one further education and tertiary college in England in 2014, and with an Ofsted ‘outstanding’ rating, South Devonshire College uses OneFile to bolster ILPs and success across a range of courses. Francesca Wylie, an assessor at South Devonshire College, explains how OneFile enables this.

"Our learners requested that we use an eportfolio, so it was a no-brainer for us. Being IT professionals, they have all embraced it and adapted to OneFile really well. One or two who were unsure at first were soon completely converted once they had got the hang of it.

“As with any new system, there was an initial learning curve. But our account manager had ensured any issues we had with any part of the system were resolved quickly and easily. Training was also made available to ensure we understood the processes and functions available.

“OneFile has improved the relationship between learners and assessors. Learners feel that the ability to receive feedback from their assessor quickly has helped them to improve their quality of work.”

Solid support for users

“They also love the fact that assessors can easily video them for an observation, and then immediately upload it to their portfolios. They have become so much more engaged with the process and have taken ownership of the e-portfolio.

“As an assessor using OneFile, I am now able to assess remotely with no drop in the standard and quality of the feedback/assessments. This is due to the really strong communication channel available on OneFile between the learners and assessors. An added benefit of this is that both assessor and learner can document this conversation for future reference.”

Encouraging engagement

“From the learner’s point of the view, the use of OneFile has left them empowered. They can work in a style better suited to their individual learning preference and can personalise the appearance of their portfolio, which is great for dyslexic learners and again helps with a feeling of ownership.

“We also like the ability to be able to use the app version for online and offline assessment, and our apprentices have picked up both applications fairly easily. Going paperless may seem scary at first, but it really does make a huge difference to the quality of work, the motivation of the learners, and the ability for assessor and employers to easily track their progress; especially when you have gone through some of the free training and webinars.”

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