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Solvo vir

"OneFile delivers endless benefits. We recommend OneFile to everyone!"

Solvo Vir chose OneFile as it was recommended to them by a group of their colleagues as well as their awarding body, Skills First. 

OneFile was recommended to us.

"We decided to choose OneFile as it was recommended to us by a group of our colleagues. They spoke highly of the features and benefits OneFile offered – including that this particular eportfolio system was controlled by the learner, unlike other systems that are primarily used by assessors. Our awarding body, Skills First, also recommended OneFile and are fully aware of how it operates on all levels."

Our account manager offered excellent support.

"We have had intensive support from our account manager, Chris Woods. Chris has organised one-to-one training with our management team, as well as training on-site with our assessment team. Chris has listened to our needs and expectations in particular with the reporting suite, helping us create different types of reports within OneFile to meet each of our department’s needs.

"Chris has also supported us with all of OneFile’s features – including changing the layout, wording and content of reviews to meet both our customer’s and staff’s needs. With Chris’s help, we have helped our assessment team record as much detailed information as possible, ensuring there is a clear audit trail throughout each learner’s portfolio."

We use all of OneFile’s features.

We use the assessor journals to record IQA feedback, one-to-one support records, CPD activities and log assessor certificates to maintain occupational competency evidence for all our staff. We have created our own bespoke reports on OneFile to track leaner progress and identify staff performance issues. By keeping everything electronic – including assessment plans, feedback and learner evidence – our assessors have saved loads of time across the board. This means they can spend more quality time teaching and learning on every visit.

"The quality features allow us to check and change the consistency rules appropriately, easily add countersignatures and monitor assessors’ risk assessments. You can also create bespoke reports to track these. With OneFile’s IQA sampling tool we can run appropriate reports to monitor sampling and see what has been planned and completed on what date.

"We have also created additional centre resources – such as our Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding Police, and Health and Safety policies – which learners are prompted to read when they log in. We also use the announcements function to inform learners of any changes."

OneFile delivers endless benefits.

"OneFile helps us demonstrate evidence of learner progression as we are able to report on their progress and delve into their portfolios to obtain the information we need to support our funders. OneFile also supports our contractors from a quality perspective. They can verify the sampling of learner portfolios, identify learner target progression, check timely completions and much more."

Unbelievable support

"The support we receive from Chris Woods and the technical support team is fantastic – we couldn’t fault them. Both are very responsive to our queries and ensure any issues are resolved as soon as possible. Chris has been amazing – very knowledgeable, patient and understanding.

"We were using a different eportfolio system so we were unsure how to use OneFile effectively. Chris spent 2 full days with us both on and off-site, listening to our needs and helping us move forward. He even made suggestions we hadn’t thought of which have worked really well – thank you Chris!"

We recommend OneFile to everyone!

"Everything that is currently being used on paper can be easily transferred to an electronic portfolio. The same principles apply, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can set up bespoke reports for all your departments and they can be changed regularly to meet your requirements."

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