There are so many benefits of using OneFile over a paper-based portfolio. It saves the business tons of time and money – our current assessment team can vouch for that!

OneFile increases the quality of our training assessment process

We initially started using OneFile back in 2011 on the Siemens Power Generation Site in Newcastle. We started with a very small sample of just 4 apprentices, and then progressively increased our learner numbers as our confidence in the system increased. We now have 8 satellite centres set-up and using OneFile with learners across the UK – including on-shore and off-shore sites. We use OneFile for the assessment of our learners, some of whom find themselves in remote areas across the UK in our growing renewables sector. The eportfolio is also used in our healthcare, rail and manufacturing business units – supporting Siemens' continuous journey towards digitalisation.

Moving from a paper-based portfolio to an eportfolio helps us automate our processes and ensures our assessments and verifications are valid, authentic, current, sufficient, and of the same standard. It also helps us increase the quality of our teaching, learning and assessment, while effectively managing assessors' caseloads.

OneFile delivered exactly what we wanted

We use OneFile to deliver apprenticeship programmes in our engineering, renewables, rail and healthcare sectors – including PEO Level 2, NVQ Level 4 Engineering and Manufacturing, and the new apprenticeship standards, such as railway engineering technician. When we were looking for an eportfolio, we needed to find a system that was easy to use for both learners and assessors. They had to be able to build their portfolio easily, track their on-programme progress and access expert technical support from the provider. OneFile delivered on all these factors.

The ideal system for motivating learners

OneFile is excellent as we can track learner progress across the whole qualification. Staff also have the ability to assess remotely and give individual feedback to learners to keep them motivated. The gap analysis also helps keep learners focused as they can identify any areas of competence they need to demonstrate to their assessor, reducing the amount of time it takes to reach full completion.

Outstanding in all areas

OneFile made the extraction of learner progress data for our latest Ofsted inspection easier. One of the inspectors watched an assessor run through a full demo of the system to see how they use OneFile in the business. The inspector was really impressed with the assessor observation and his demonstration of the eportfolio. This contributed towards an Outstanding grade for Siemens PLC.

Efficient, detailed and instant

OneFile has been very cost effective for our business as assessors, IVs and EQAs can access learner portfolios remotely. The software has also allowed more detailed reporting on learner data – including reducing internal progress tracking via spreadsheets, therefore reducing errors and cost – allowing assessors to provide better support to learners struggling with evidence submissions.

The OneFile experts are there to help

The technical support we've received has helped us develop and customise the software to meet the needs of the business. OneFile experts have also helped us develop templates and forms to speed up evidence collection and mapping of criteria for learners, assessors and IVs.

I would definitely recommend OneFile. The training and support offered from OneFile staff is exemplary.


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