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Selby College

"OneFile is well worth the investment - now we can’t ever imagine going back to paper!”
The Selby College Business Centre started using OneFile in 2012. They use OneFile for a full range of apprenticeships and diplomas – including business, health and social care, catering, hairdressing, engineering, construction and functional skills.

OneFile has everything we need.

“When we were looking for an eportfolio system, we took many factors into consideration. We chose OneFile because it’s easy to use for all users, competitively priced and has all the assessor and management reports we need. We were also looking for an eportfolio provider that provides their own training and ongoing support and is endorsed by our awarding body. We also wanted a software company that was innovative, flexible and willing to adapt their system to suit our changing needs.”

OneFile meets all our requirements.

“We use all of OneFile’s features – including forms, templates, plan templates, ILP, reviews, journals, timesheets, reports and gap analysis.

"The reviews are especially useful. The assessor can see the previous review at a glance and amend it accordingly. This saves time and aids planning alongside the gap analysis. The timesheets are great for recording additional contact made with the learner, as well as showing guided learning hours. It means we can track contact made with any at-risk learners to show the effort being made with them.

"The ILP saves the assessor tons of time in hand writing the paper ILP. We’ve recently undergone an NCFE inspection and the external verifiers are very happy with the way we use OneFile.”

OneFile is really effective.

“It’s great for saving money by reducing visits to learners – although regular face-to-face visits are still important to us. As we use OneFile more and more, learners are more engaged and are making great progress."

I would definitely recommend OneFile.

“The support from OneFile is invaluable. The team are extremely helpful and supportive.

"Take a leap forward – it’s well worth the investment and initial set-up time. Some of our team members were pulled into the process kicking and screaming, but now they can’t ever imagine going back to paper!”

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