Scottish Swimming

Scottish Swimming

“I would definitely recommend OneFile. The OneFile Support team are excellent...They are easily the most helpful support team I have ever contacted around any company."

Nicola Curwood, Executive Officer | Scottish Swimming

Easier than ever before

“The main difference for us is the ability to see the progress of the learner and what they have outstanding. Bulk uploading of learners is also very useful and we use the report functions regularly. The ability to create Observer accounts is very helpful for employers to view their employees progress and is especially useful for learners with additional support needs.”


Accessible wherever you are

“Moving from paper based logbooks to this means that the learner cannot lose any of their work and there is always a track of what has been completed and what feedback has been given. We had a systems verification from SQA in September 2015 and there were absolutely no problems with the system. I think OneFile will help with all SQA visits as we will have access to learner records and portfolios instantly and at any time.”


Money matters

“In terms of saving money we have noticed a difference. With OneFile we can make instant changes to any assessments or resources with no financial implications; this in turn ensures we are always delivering quality courses with the most current  resources available to us.”


Support that stands out

“The OneFile Support team are excellent and I have received the same feedback from our tutor and assessors who have contacted them. They are easily the most helpful support team I have ever contacted around any company. I’ve never had a problem left unanswered and the emails sent out with call reference numbers are really helpful to track progress of any support you have requested.“

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