Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS

"OneFile offers a professional, proficient and positive eportfolio."

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust have been using OneFile for all their apprenticeship and programme delivery for three years, and will be using it to deliver the new apprenticeship standards.

We've used OneFile for three years now and never looked back!

"We use OneFile for all our apprenticeship and programme delivery – including Business Administration levels 2 and 3, Customer Service level 2, Health and Social Care level 2 and Newborn Hearing Screeners level 3. We’ll be also be using OneFile to deliver the 2017 apprenticeship standards."

We chose OneFile as it has more features than any other eportfolio.

"The feature we find most useful in our centre is that is can be accessed anywhere by all users – from learners to EQAs. This means we can offer our service to a wider location range as tasks can be completed remotely."

We love how transparent OneFile is.

"The activity log is completely transparent so we can run a huge number of tracking reports whenever we need to. From a quality centre management position, this is fantastic as all outcomes can be viewed, monitored and reported on to highlight any performance issues. We can then give support to any at-risk learners to help them achieve timely framework completions."

The journals give our processes clarity.

"We find the journal feature particularly useful as we're both employer and provider organisation for the majority of our learners. We use the journal as a compiled timeline while they're on programme to document any qualification or personal issues. We have truly utilised the 'hide from' facility for confidentiality purposes, which means we always have accurate information available for audits or HR purposes."

Standardisation made easy.

"The assessment plan templates have made a big impact. Although they took time to set up initially, it has saved us tons of time in the long run. Now assessors can go straight into the templates and send any workbook questions at the touch of a button. This also supports the standardisation of our resources"

With OneFile, evidence is 100% accurate.

"When learners upload evidence onto OneFile it is automatically cross-referenced to the framework within the portfolio. This is ideal for PLTS, functional skills, ERR and QCF – our learners can now demonstrate a fully integrated portfolio of evidence."

Feedback is instant and accessible.

"Ongoing assessment feedback can be viewed by all parties. We use this feature when we’re assessing workbooks and evidence to identify improvements, highlight spelling or grammatical errors, and make positive comments. We use the 'mark as read' icon to make sure feedback has been acknowledged by all parties involved in the assessment – which is then available for audit purposes too."

With OneFile, we're always inspection ready.

"We recently had an awarding body inspection. OneFile supported the efficiency of the inspection in many different ways, including:

  • The EQA can log in remotely if needed.
  • There's no need to prepare paper-based evidence as everything is ready and waiting on OneFile.
  • Assessor profiles are fully up to date and visible at the click of a button.
  • The EQA simply logged in to OneFile to start the inspection – she didn't need any assistance throughout her visit.
  • The EQA commented on our innovative use of electronic evidence to confirm authenticity, such as video, audio and photo evidence collected via the offline app."


From financial savings to accurate audits.

"With OneFile we save a lot of money from less printing, less assessor visits, less travelling and less stationery. We can report on anything within OneFile – accuracy, tracking, activities, profiles, timely completions, registers, journals, service announcements, engagement and forms.OneFile supports our quality provision as all evidence is authentic, current and valid.

"We can also make and track annotations to ensure we meet our contractual obligations. This makes it easy for the IQA to sample remotely and in a timely fashion as they don't need to request documents. We even showcase OneFile to management in progress and performance review meetings to demonstrate the impact it has made."

It's a no brainer.

"I would recommend OneFile to anyone! As we move forward with technology and assessing in 2017, OneFile offers a professional, proficient and positive eportfolio."

"The NHS is moving towards a paperless environment in all aspect of service – including learning and development. Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust began its journey with eportfolios back in 2014 where we initiated a change in our centre processes with OneFile. It took a little time to embrace the new style of assessing, but after 3 years all our staff are completely converted – they love the many benefits OneFile brings.

"If you're looking for an eportfolio, be prepared, embrace change and you won't look back!"


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