Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust: able to support learners during Covid-19 thanks to OneFile

What programmes do you deliver on OneFile? 

We use OneFile to deliver a range of apprenticeship standards – from Senior Healthcare Support Worker to Business Administration 

What are your main challenges in training staff in an NHS trust? And how does OneFile help you overcome them? 

As an NHS organisation, our recent challenge has been Covid-19. Thanks to OneFile, we’ve been able to continue to support our apprentices with their learning. We refocused our delivery model to digitally communicate more with our apprentices through OneFile, including sending wellbeing information, safeguarding updates, Microsoft PowerPoints with voiceovers as well as their usual tasks.  

How does OneFile help you track progress and support learners? 

OneFile’s scorecards are great as they reveal the apprentices’ timeline, displaying the breadth of their growth in their KSB – which is relevant to all apprentices. 

We track progression against the apprenticeship standard using the percentages and gap analysis tools. We also use the reports function to track learner statuses and monitor whether learners are meeting, above or below target. We then use this data to report to the Apprenticeship Trust Board.    

Are there any OneFile features in particular that support your delivery? 

During the pandemic, we have used the ‘announcements’ feature more than ever. We have used this to communicate wellbeing information, highlight NHS access to certain apps, and explain what support our employers are offering to NHS staff and apprentices during this difficult time.  

How do you track engagement? 

Since the start of Covid-19, weve created a learner survey to review and appraise how weve supported our apprentices remotely and track engagement during online training sessions. This was created as a ‘form’ and sent out as a task to our apprentices. We were then able to pull a report to collate this feedback into statistical data for board level governance.  

Has OneFile helped you maintain training delivery in your trust during these trying times? 

Yes. We use the course builder to send PowerPoint presentations with voiceovers, videos and textbooks, and create bespoke courses and e-learning modules which supports learners in completion of their modules.   

Does OneFile help you increase efficiencies? 

All apprentices and employers have accounts on OneFile which means all communication is managed through one channel which is auditable with a date-stamped timeline. OneFile has supported our remote learning model as we now have one accessible library of digital resources that cover the entire apprenticeship journey from sign up to sign off.  

 Does OneFile help improve quality assurance in your trust? 

Quality assurance is paramount in any apprenticeship provider and OneFile enables us to maintain good practice across the board. With OneFile, we’re able to follow the path of an individual for all aspects of their apprenticeship under one roof to show full transparency. 

What benefits does OneFile bring that are specific to healthcare settings? 

OneFile is completely accessible and can be used on different devices e.g. iPads, workstation computers, laptops and mobile phones. This is of particular benefit to apprentices in healthcare settings who are not based at a desk or workstation. 

What advice would you give to other NHS trusts thinking about using OneFile? 

OneFile provides value for money, is a one-stop-shop and has excellent quality measures, if you are prepared to put time into your systems.  Compatibility with MIS systems is a real positive and the ability for the 2 systems to work in tandem. 


Lauren Weigh, learning and development officer | Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust


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