Rotherham College

Rotherham College

"OneFile allows us to save money, engage employers and support subcontractors."
Rotherham College introduced OneFile in 2013 to be used across 8 areas of the college including Construction, Business, Caring Professions and Performing Arts.

Breadth of features

“We predominately use OneFile for all Apprenticeships, including some commercial programmes. The factors that we considered when looking for an eportfolio system were the cost, the features and usability for all staff and learners.

"Each centre utilises the breadth of features available in OneFile, from plan templates and reviews (which track the learner progress), to journals and timesheets… We find the ILP a fantastic feature, as it automatically updates us of the learner’s progress and if we are meeting the funding requirements.

"Some of the awarding bodies are just getting to grips with the electronic portfolios but the feedback has been really positive. For the SFA, auditable documents were able to be produced quickly and effectively.”

All in all, OneFile allows us to...

  • Save money, by identifying learners early who are not pro-active and less likely to leave or fail.
  • Report efficiently, giving us accountability of all users, tracking progress, early leavers and achievers.
  • Provide quality provision, with clear tracking, updates and IQA
  • Support subcontractors, making this a quick and effective process
  • Engage employers, dependant on the areas employers engage well. For those who do not,  the reporting process enables a fast and efficient way of informing the employer of learner progress.

Invaluable support

"Our key Account Manager is always available to discuss, meet or greet. The development team, technical support and standards teams give excellent service and resolve issues promptly and effectively. I find OneFile an invaluable service."

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