Portsmouth NHS

Portsmouth NHS

"With the new apprenticeships standards, OneFile is going to be brilliant moving forward!"

Portsmouth NHS Trust initially used OneFile for their new assessor award in 2016. They now use it to manage a full range of courses for new apprentices and existing staff.

OneFile is a godsend!

"OneFile has got a lot to offer – and with the new apprenticeships standards, it's going to be brilliant moving forward!

"OneFile has saved my staff a lot of time as they can now access learners' information and portfolios anywhere – like at home. This has been a godsend as I can concentrate on learner portfolios in peace and quiet. This was difficult with paper-based portfolios as we had to transport them to and from the hospital. With OneFile, staff can work when they have time to concentrate."

Versatile and efficient.

"We initially started using OneFile for our new Assessors award in 2016, and now use it to manage a full range of courses for new apprentices and existing staff. We use OneFile to manage level 3 assessor competence in the workplace environment, level 2 healthcare support services, level 2 lab services, and level 2 pharmacy service skills."

OneFile was recommended to us.

"Our users range between 16 – 50 years old, so finding a solution everyone can use was a priority for us. The pharmacy department already had experience using OneFile with assessors and IQAs and promoted the use of the product throughout the hospital."

We love the assessment plans!

"Before using OneFile, we only used assessment plans for observations, but now we can plan anything with the learner online. We can also give feedback on individual pieces of evidence, which is great!

"The reviews are also excellent and we're now able to monitor and review learners' progress on individual units and overall. We use the journal features to record any issues with the learner, and want to use reports more as they have huge potential for us."

Inspections made easy.

"We've recently had five SV visits! We used OneFile's records for all of them and the feedback was very good! All the inspectors found the system easy to use and find things like learners' evidence. We also found it easier and quicker to prepare for the visits as we have access to all learner portfolios all the time. It was a breeze."

The support is excellent.

"We receive great support, especially from our account manager who comes out to deliver face-to-face training. Also, when I have contacted head office for support, they have been efficient and helpful with dealing with any questions I had."

It's a lot easier than we thought!

"If you're looking for an eportfolio, choose OneFile as they'll support you throughout the process. Don't be scared of it – just get lots of training. Once staff started engaging in OneFile, they found it a lot easier than they thought it would be!"


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