North Bristol NHS Trust

North Bristol NHS Trust

"OneFile will save you time and help you manage your programmes. It will support any systems you currently use and can even help streamline them."
North Bristol NHS Trust started using OneFile in January 2015, initially for Level 2 and 3 Health Diplomas and the Certificate in Health Support Services. They now use OneFile for all their apprenticeships and standalone diplomas, and will be using the software for the new standards in the future.

The one for us.

“We looked at a range of eportfolios before choosing OneFile. Our primary considerations were price, recommendations, features and ease of use – as well as awarding body recognition.

"In the end, we chose OneFile as it was recommended to us. We spent time with a partner organisation who were already using OneFile and explored which features we could use to track and report on learner progress. This was something we hadn’t been able to do before, so we knew OneFile was the one for us!”

We can customise OneFile so it suits our needs.

“We use a wide range of OneFile’s features – including forms, templates, plan template, reviews and reporting. We are also looking to use reporting for the journals and cancellations so we can track and report on them better. We also use the announcement function and are developing a bespoke review form, which will be going live soon!“

OneFile helps us support our learners.

“We have found the ability to track and report on learner progress really helpful. The gap analysis is great too as we have never been able to pinpoint this in the past. The activity function help us to identify any issues as we can see when learners are logging onto the system or not.”

Our learners love OneFile.

“Our learners have really engaged with the software, which has reduced our completion times - on average, our learners complete a level three apprenticeship 23% quicker on OneFile. We can also track our learners easily and they can see how they’re progressing.”

Inspections have significantly improved with OneFile.

“We have recently undergone an Ofsted inspection and our annual Awarding Body EQA visits. All these inspections were significantly improved with OneFile. The electronic portfolio allows you to reduce the amount of time spent accessing evidence and progress. The announcement function also allowed us to circulate the Ofsted learner survey really quickly, as we only had four days to get responses.”

OneFile has saved us time and money.

"Using a digital portfolio has significantly reduced the amount of paper-generated forms and has therefore reduced the amount of storage space needed. In fact, using OneFile saves us so much paper each year that it would stack up to the height of a two-storey house!

"OneFile has also improved timely completion so assessors’ time can be used more effectively - our completion rates are now 20% higher than the national average.

"We regularly use the reporting tool for a wide range of activities relating to quality, learner progress, learner, assessor and IQA activity and caseload management – helping to prioritise workload and focus learner support."

Excellent support.

“We have received excellent support from OneFile – especially from our account manager. He has shown us new ways of using the system and has helped us develop the software to suit our needs."

I would highly recommend OneFile.

“OneFile will save you time and help you manage your programmes. It will support any systems you currently use and can even help streamline them!

"If centres are still using paper portfolios, I would encourage them to make the move to eportfolio.

"OneFile is a flexible system that is easy to personalise to your centre’s requirements, and for the learners to personalise so it really feels like their portfolio. OneFile is also really effective in promoting standardisation, generating reports for monitoring performance and making EQA visits easy."

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