Nikki Froud Hairdressing

Nikki Froud Hairdressing

"OneFile has given my assessors back their work/life balance... we couldn't live without it!"
After using another eportfolio system, Nikki Froud Hairdressing needed to make a positive change to a company that was forward thinking and forever evolving. That company was OneFile.

Unlimited online support

“We thought that the transition from one eportfolio to another would be difficult, but it wasn’t. OneFile offered unlimited support. Naturally there were a few teething problems that came from our end, but this was because it was something new, and very different to the eportfolio we had used before.”

The app you can’t live without!

“We use OneFile offline assessment app and we couldn’t live without it, it has given my assessors back their work/life balance. What it means for Nikki Froud Hairdressing is 24/7 learning. Our learners love that they are able to use their phones, it’s how they want to learn. We’re living in a world of technology now, not a world of paper.

"At times we have had problems with unreliable internet in the schools, but by giving our assessors access to the OneFile app we now have the flexibility to take our learners straight over to practical so that they can start doing assessments. With the app we are able to carry out assessments offline so we never fail to deliver during our valuable teaching time.

“Our assessors teach in a wide variety of salons, particularly when assessing our work-based learners. Again, by using the OneFile app, limited internet access is never a problem for us. We can carry out assessments with the learners and they do not miss out on anything – this is what an NVQ is all about.”

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