Myerscough College

Myerscough College

Myerscough College started using OneFile in 2014 for Level 3 Farriery apprentices on a 4-year block release programme.

Has OneFile made your life easier? If so, in what way?

As a senior manager I have ‘real time’ data on the current progress of all learners.  The wealth of reporting means I can drill down to granular detail with the ability to identify any issues ahead of time and put smart action plans in place.  Aspects such as the learning journal and scorecard intrinsically link to the new Education Inspection Framework which will be key focus come Ofsted inspection, as well as allowing staff to effectively gauge readiness for the end-point assessment.


Do you love OneFile because of a certain feature?

We've used OneFile for over 10 years, the reason why we chose it in the first place remains the same over a decade later; ease of use, working with a company that understand the educational sector and continuously evolve the system to meet the needs of their stakeholders.


What impact has OneFile had on your organisation? Has it saved you time, money or resources?

OneFile makes delivery very efficient.  We are a national provider with staff all over the country, sometimes in remote locations so the system, its capability and applications meets our needs.  We've carried out various analysis over the years and without question it saves time, money and resources.


Has this improved your work-life balance, made delivery easier to manage or improved your Ofsted grade?

The use of OneFile was a key contributor to remaining Good for our apprenticeship provision in 2017 as we could clearly demonstrate progress being made by learners.  It can be effectively used in meetings, on tablets and makes it very quick to get to the centre of any learner or programme query. OneFile has also enabled our quality team to carry out audits and ‘work scrutiny’ far quicker in preparation for termly performance boards.


Did you struggle to get to grips with OneFile at first?

No, due to ease of use and the fact we have dedicated staff to train our own tutors.  The system also allows for the fact you don’t have to know how to use every aspect, you can start small and build up your skill set.


What do you think about it now?

We couldn't operate without it.  There are many systems like it but there only one OneFile.

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