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"The impact of OneFile is evident, with time savings in-house of up to 50%."
Myerscough College is one the largest land-based colleges in the UK. Paul McGrail, Skills & Enterprise Quality Manager, explains why OneFile is the only system he can rely on to deliver work-based learning across the college’s 16 apprenticeship schemes and 40 NVQs.

About Myerscough College

"Since the introduction of the common inspection framework (CIF), it has never been as important to ensure that effective teaching, learning and assessment takes place. The use of technology plays a pivotal role in achieving this aim. We pride ourselves on the deployment of new and innovative mobile assessment methods and the OneFile e-portfolio has helped us to embrace a range of benefits as well as enhance learner experience.

“I looked at 12 systems in total but instinctively knew from experience that OneFile met the most important criteria — accessibility for both learners and assessors.

“The frequent back-up of data, approachability and support of OneFile staff, plus continuous access to a training server so the in-house training sessions could be fully supported, also made OneFile the perfect choice for Myerscough College.”

Accessible and reliable

“The support has been second to none and thanks to OneFile’s online help facility new qualifications can be added quickly and easily. Internal verification of portfolios is also particularly effective, while the video evidence adds more authenticity.

“The use of OneFile means there’s no need for weighty paper portfolios and the speed of mapping evidence to the standards is excellent. Some schemes/NVQs have now moved entirely to OneFile, and at the same time external verifiers have welcomed the system to improve remote visits. The impact of OneFile is also evident, with time savings in-house of up to 50%.”

Superior support

“With time savings also came cost cuts. One assessor using this system was able to reduce visits by four, saving a total of £400. Ultimately using OneFile saves us over thirty hours per candidate, as we no longer have to spend time mapping evidence to standards or waiting for portfolios to get handed in.

“In addition to time and cost savings, using the OneFile system has given us the means to confirm outcomes, recap on previous sessions, promote learner motivation, deliver online and offline assessment, record feedback, fill gaps in ILPs and set targets.

“All I have to say to other training centres is – go for it! In the future, most young people entering work will be fully familiar with virtual learning environments and electronic portfolios, so centres and colleges must move into this area as soon as possible.”


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