London College of Apprenticeships

London College of Apprenticeships

"OneFile has saved us valuable time and resources, which we have been able to focus elsewhere in the business in order to grow."
London College of Apprenticeship Training has used OneFile to support their delivery of apprenticeships in Spectator Safety, Warehousing, Customer Service and more. 

Value for money, efficient and intuitive

"I started using OneFile in my previous company, around 2 years ago. Our prime use for OneFile has always been apprenticeships, including Business Admin, Customer Service, Management, Spectator Safety, Warehousing, Health and Social Care, Children and Young Peoples’ Workforce and more.

"OneFile was already in place when I joined LCoAP, but it hugely surpassed the other systems I had previously used in both efficiency and value for money."

We try to use OneFile as much as we can!

"It’s a great way to collate information and report on it. We use forms, templates, plans, ILPs, reviews and journals, which all help to create our audit trail and save us man hours!"

A great time saver

"Aside from providing a place to collate learner work in a structured, easy-to-use format, OneFile allows us to report on learner contact. The ILP and reviews on OneFile allow standardisation throughout the centre, and provide us with a place to store important data centrally. With OneFile’s assessment plans, we can share ideas and resources which is a great time-saver when setting work."

OneFile and inspections: a recipe for success

"LCoAT has undergone a variety of external verifier visits, and OneFile has relieved a lot of stress when collating evidence for this. It also allows progress to be monitored in real time so that there are no nasty surprises down the line!"

OneFile offers endless benefits!

"OneFile improves the organisation of planning, storing and tracking work. This helps to save money by reducing man hours and improving our efficiency as a company. The use of templates improves our quality provision as it allows us to save time and standardise our delivery."

Always there to help

"OneFile are always on-hand to provide support – no matter how big or small. The quality of customer service and response times are very good!"

OneFile keeps getting better and better

"There’s always something new to learn about the system, and more and more ways OneFile can make your work easier and more efficient. OneFile has saved us valuable time and resources, which we have been able to focus elsewhere in the business in order to grow."

OneFile is essential for our business

"The reporting and progress tracking tools on OneFile are essential for our business – we do not have to reply on paper portfolios and all information is accessible remotely – which is invaluable. We would highly recommend OneFile."

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