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JGA Group

"OneFile has led to big savings... switching to eportfolio is not a decision you will regret."
JGA Group started using OneFile in March 2011. They wanted their apprenticeship programme to be paperless and give tutors, assessors and internal and external verifiers the freedom to remotely access learners’ portfolios. They now use OneFile for all learners on apprenticeships and short courses. 

We were impressed with the vision of the product.

"We were also impressed that many of the senior management team had previously been involved in assessing using paper-based portfolios themselves. Ease of use and access were also high on our priorities, and OneFile met all our expectations.

"We were inspected in December 2015 and our inspector praised our implementation of the ILP on OneFile. The external verifiers from our awarding organisations are now very familiar with OneFile, and we’ve even had a couple of remote EV visits. The inspectors/verifiers know they can trust the information they get from OneFile because the system is so transparent."

It’s fantastic across the board.

"OneFile supports the quality of our delivery as there’s a range of reports that can be customised to suit our needs. We use them to analyse learner progress, assessor performance and track reviews. We can spot-check any element as OneFile is completely transparent for centre staff. As our subcontractors have taken up OneFile, we can monitor their learners in the same way as our own."

OneFile has led to big savings.

"We’ve saved money on many levels – reduced paper and printing costs and reduced cost of storage for bulky paper portfolios. Analysis and reporting are significantly faster. Tutors and assessors no longer need to travel every time they need to check the learner’s portfolio, saving time and money. Using OneFile has made a big impact on our sustainability and made us more environmentally friendly."

I cannot praise OneFile’s support highly enough.

"All the support staff are very knowledgeable about the product and questions are answered correctly first time. Waiting times are minimal with most queries resolved within one hour."

Switching to eportfolio is not a decision you will regret.

"We have recommended OneFile to all of our business partners and would definitely recommend OneFile in the future."

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