Impact Training

Impact Training

"Times have changed, so we have to move with it – and OneFile helps us do this efficiently."

Impact Training started using OneFile after it was recommended to them, and now use it to manage all their modern apprenticeships. 

Saving time and money

"OneFile is easy to use for all parties – learners, admin roles, assessors and verifiers. You can sync your calendar to set up automatic invites to all parties, and use any phone, tablet or device to upload evidence. The majority of evidence is collected by the candidate via the app. This cuts down the amount of work our assessors have to do and reduces travel time – saving us money.

"It also means evidence is shared in the same way as all candidates use the same templates. This is much more engaging for the learner as they get to use their phones and tablets, which is most learners’ preferred assessment method compared to paper-based portfolios."

Experts on hand

"We’ve received excellent support, which has helped us learn the system. With OneFile, you always have experts on hand via email, phone and face-to-face to discuss anything we’re unsure of or need extra support with. I would recommend OneFile. The whole process has been very straightforward.

"Our account manager, Johnny, and his team are very proactive, helping us set up and always following up with additional support when we need it."

Choose OneFile.

"It will save you time and money, and will ensure you have a central hub where you can monitor all learners at a glance. Times have changed, so we have to move with it – and OneFile helps us do this efficiently."


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