Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: I would not hesitate to recommend OneFile

What programmes do you deliver on OneFile? 

Health Screener Diploma (Diabetic Eye) Level 3.

What are your main challenges in training staff in an NHS trust? And how does OneFile help you overcome them? 

Training and assessing has to fit around our primary care obligations and accommodate very late changes to work schedules and training opportunities. This was proving difficult before Covid-19 and we decided to purchase OneFile on recommendation. With the onset of Covid-19 and the requirement to socially distance or work from home, what was an already difficult situation would have been impossible without OneFile. 

How does OneFile help you track progress and support learners? 

With OneFile, I can track progress against targets and identify where a student might require extra support or protected time. Where students are noticeably achieving above targets, I can decide to re-allocate their protected time and support to other students. 

Are there any OneFile features in particular that support your delivery? 

The reporting function of OneFile is very strong and I am able to drill down to wherever I want. 

How do you track engagement? 

OneFile’s reports are very good for tracking engagement. I also ask my assessors to complete a review every month with their students and attach a sound file to the review. That way I can sample not only what is written, but also what a student actually says which is sometimes a better gauge of engagement. 

Has OneFile helped you maintain training delivery in your trust during these trying times? 

As OneFile is cloud-based it can be accessed from anywhere including a phone. I am even able to use it from my iPad on a Sunday with my wife thinking that I am relaxing and playing a game. 

Does OneFile help you increase efficiencies? 

Very much so! With the functionality, I am able to re-allocate roles should there be unscheduled absence. 

What advice would you give to other NHS trusts thinking about using OneFile? 

The level of service that I have had from OneFile has been exemplary. Any questions or problems that I have had have been answered promptly (sometimes within minutes). Functionality is being improved all the time and I would not hesitate to recommend OneFile. 

Jon Sames, centre manager and IQA | Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust


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