Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue

"All users find OneFile easy to use – our learners, assessors, IQAs and external verifiers."
Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue started using OneFile in 2012, and now use OneFile to track NVQs for firefighters, crew commanders and assessors’ qualifications. They also use it to record and track competence for station commanders.

We chose OneFile as it’s easy to use.

"We use plan templates the most as we have uploaded assessment plans onto the templates and then complete assessments within the template. We’re also looking at how we can use forms more effectively into the future. We find the overviews for centre managers particularly useful for QN and QA purposes.

"We use a range of easy-to-run reports – such as district reports to track progress, assessment plans to ensure consistency and activity logs to monitor access. Gap analysis is also very useful for learners and assessors as they can see what they have left to complete."

OneFile supports our inspection process.

"We had our SV visit last year and the SV found OneFile very easy to use. They reported back to us that it helped them access learner accounts to check their progress. OneFile makes our processes easier across the board – but especially the reporting suite for quality assurance processes and the general ease of use for learners and assessors. Some users did find the system difficult to get used to, but when they had to contact technical support, the advisors were all very helpful."

Move from paper to eportfolio.

"OneFile is easy to use in any location. Plus, there are no issues surrounding losing data like there are if a paper portfolio was lost. With OneFile there is less likelihood of malpractice within the system as it’s easy to see who has been into OneFile. Lots of simple things – like the fact that only an assessor can upload an observation – make information easy to track.

"It’s easy to track QA processes as IQAs, and other audits can be completed remotely. You can also obtain reports from the system that aid tracking – saving a lot of time and hassle. I would recommend OneFile."

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