First Intuition

First Intuition

First Intuition is a private training provider specialising in accountancy qualifications. They currently deliver the new apprenticeship standards in accountancy at levels 3, 4 and 7. They use OneFile to deliver all their apprenticeships.
We asked Becki Hunter, head of apprenticeships, about her experience with OneFile.

What are your favourite features?

OneFile has loads of features that improve the learner journey – both for our apprentices and our coaches – but our favourite features are the VLE and off-the-job training records. The reporting features have also been incredibly valuable to all levels of staff and managers.  

OneFile VLE

OneFile were just launching the VLE when we first signed up and we could see how it would help us enhance our offering immediately. With the VLE, we can add online induction modules and create resources to support the delivery of the skills and behaviours with the apprenticeship standards. Building courses is quick and easy, and the simple user interface makes it easy to use and engaging for our apprentices.  

We have a formal structure of courses that are released to our apprentices at various points during the programme. We use the VLE to create bespoke content for each individual group – that's how easy it is to create new courses. We eagerly await OneFile's next VLE updates as I'm sure we'll continue to see this feature grow and develop.  

Off-the-job training feature

As a training provider, we’ve had to closely consider the new off-the-job training requirement. This is a hotly debated funding rule, and employers often carry preconceptions about how easy it will be to meet. The feature on OneFile has allowed full visibility so students, employers and coaches can see exactly how the apprentice is progressing through this requirement. It's simple to make entries, and some are made automatically when apprentices complete work or attend sessions with us. Line managers can view the entries and track progress. It's also made conversations easier and helped us reassure employers and learners that the 20% is not a barrier to a successful apprenticeship.  

OneFile is easy to use

OneFile is intuitive and looks fantastic. Even our most self-confessed technophobes have had to admit it's easy to use and gives great information back to the business. We use OneFile to find out all the information used in KPI packs that are shared across the organisation – from board to coach level – to show the performance of programmes, apprentices and staff. OneFile has such a sheer variety of reporting functions, I'm yet to find any information that cannot be extracted and used!  

Easy audits

There's no comparison between OneFile and the paper-based files we used to keep. OneFile has brought many solutions to problems I didn't even know we had! When we were recently audited, we could give the inspector a OneFile login to view learner files rather than drown them with paper. It was fantastic to know the data they needed was all in one place.  

Always on the up

Using OneFile has made a significant impact on the quality of our delivery and the quality of the information we hold. It's clean, easy to use and the support we receive on an ongoing basis is second-to-none. OneFile has been proactive in embracing the new apprenticeship standards and are constantly making improvements to the product.  


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