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Exeter college

“We have saved around £450,000!”
"The Healthcare team were the first to start using OneFile at Exeter College around five years ago, after having a bad experience with another eportfolio system. They trialled OneFile and loved it. Twelve months later the college inducted OneFile across other faculties, and after an initial year's trial they took the decision to go fully with OneFile across the college."

Choosing an eportfolio

“When looking for an eportfolio reputation was a big factor. We spoke to a couple of providers that had used OneFile before so that helped. One of the biggest selling points was the offline app, I remember talking with another eportfolio system and they didn’t have that function, so that was a massive factor when moving across.

"Our Healthcare faculty (who had been using it already) had been shouting about how good the system was so that was another factor in the decision making process!

"We had a hurdle with an awarding body as they have their own eportfolio system, but this is now resolved and they accept that we use OneFile across the board.

"The Offline App is a massive feature for all faculties. We have really focused on the assessor’s role on OneFile and ensuring they are getting the benefits from the system in terms of time saving etc, so they have ‘buy in’. The app was a big part of this.”

The difference it’s made...

“We are now really starting to utilise the reporting function within OneFile. It is certainly guided us in terms of where we want to go and want we want to monitor. We’ve realised how in depth the reports can go and we are getting a lot more from them than we thought possible. Especially when it comes to monitoring a learner’s full framework, including functional skills, progress etc. It’s really helped us to report on individual’s progress and progression throughout their programme. This puts us in a good position to talk about learners and how they’re developing.

"We had an Ofsted inspection just over a year ago and received Grade 1 Outstanding, and they specifically mentioned OneFile in the faculties that were observed, and when observing assessors and assessment practice. They mentioned how OneFile had really aided us in getting a Grade 1 in the way it aided learners and the quality of their programme.

"OneFile also gets mentioned in multiple internal observations of practice and how this improves the quality of assessments delivery and that’s always nice to hear!"

We’re saving hundreds of thousands already!

“We actually did some calculations when reviewing our use of OneFile and worked out that we have now successfully entered 1500 learners on the system, when calculating:

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Saved assessor time
  • Time saved on reporting
  • IQA time saved

"We have saved around £450,000. The system also saves a huge amount of time in terms of pulling off reports on learners and not having to search through paper folders to obtain this data."

Tangible benefits to all users

“Being able to assess out of the workplace and not having to come back into the office to assess evidence saves assessors a massive amount of time. It also gives them the opportunity to capture live evidence with the learner and mark there and then. It also gives assessors the opportunity to widen their assessment gathering when learners have dyslexia and learning difficulties, as the app allows for audio recordings etc.

"Employers have a log in to OneFile as training managers, which allows them to dip and have access to their apprentice's portfolio and how they’re getting on, which is brilliant! It shows them when their apprentice is behind, which helps them monitor learner performance! This gives the employer actual/real progress rather than just us telling them how the learner is progressing.

"We actually use OneFile as a selling tool – we tell employers that they can access their learner’s portfolio and keep track of how they’re getting on. They really like this aspect of the program… It’s a massive selling point!

"Learners actually use the app more than their assessors – because its available offline, they can use it out in the workplace and it links with their phone's camera. For a lot of learners, this is a selling point because they can access their portfolio from their smartphone… so it makes their life easier in terms of capturing evidence.”

The support is real people who make a real difference...

“Assessors know that they can ring up and get help straight away either by calling or emailing the technical support team. Having an Account Manager is brilliant as we can develop and move forward with OneFile and all round this has helped the College massively.

"Without a doubt we would and have recommended OneFile… we’ve started working with First Great Western and they’re fully embracing OneFile. It makes everyone’s life easier as partners can monitor all learner progress and they get the benefit from the features we use like the reports, the app and the offline review.

"I think that without a doubt unless you dive in and do it you won’t realise the benefits of OneFile… Things like not having to carry around a 200-page paper portfolio… until you’re not doing it you don’t realise this can all be done with a laptop and a tablet.

"My message would be just do it…because if there are issues there’s always someone you can talk to to overcome them. There were issues and bumps in the road in the early days but we always had the support network to get us through and to keep developing the system!”


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