Elite Professional Training Services

Elite Professional Training Services

"OneFile couldn’t have done a better job. I was delighted with the result and I find the new application very useful.”
South Yorkshire based Elite Professional Training Services delivers high quality education and service for Health and Social Care qualifications. Director Marian Kemecsei reveals how OneFile’s customer support team has transformed how training is delivered at Elite.

Responsive support

“I wasn’t sure if this issue could be resolved, as it would mean changing the OneFile software. But from initially approaching OneFile to implementing a resolution only took around eight weeks!”

“First of all, I was asked to put my request on to the OneFile Forum to see what other users thought. I contacted OneFile a couple of weeks later to find out the response.”

“A week after that, I received a call from the Customer Service Manager at OneFile, asking me to expand on the request and the reasons for it.”

“We had a long conversation detailing my requirements, which were then forwarded onto the design and programming team.”

Listening to customers

“I was impressed that my request was taken seriously, as it was not straightforward nor was there a high demand for what I wanted.”

“I also liked the fact that I was consulted on exactly what changes I needed to enforce to make the system work for our centre and to meet the demands of the SV.”

“As far as I’m concerned OneFile couldn’t have done a better job. I was delighted with the result and I find the new application very useful. We have had nothing but positive results from SV since.”

“The transparency and user friendliness of OneFile is for all to see, and I have nothing but the highest praise for this e-portfolio system and the support we have received.”

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