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EducationWise Group: OneFile has been a real asset for delivering traineeships

What features do you use to deliver traineeships on OneFile?

We use the course builder, learning journal, tasks, timesheets and progress reviews, as well as learning aims templates for Functional Skills.

How did you track trainees using OneFile?

We set their total required hours and get them to update their timesheet/learning journal which allows us to track when they have achieved the guided learning hours and work experience requirements. We use assessment plan templates to set units of work which are a blend of guided and on-the-job learning.

Do you use OneFile’s reporting features?

We use OneFile’s reporting features to track engagement of learners and their progress. As a virtual tool, this has been a real asset when tracking learner activity times.

What do your trainees think about OneFile?

Our trainees really like it. It is simple to use and they can log in when they want to update what they have learnt during their work placements. They can also access and complete the learning as and when they want to, from anywhere.

How have your trainees progressed after completing their course?

All trainees who have completed so far have been offered an apprenticeship with their work placement.

Have you noticed an increase in the number of employers offering traineeships since the Government introduced the £1,000 incentive?

Yes, but traineeships are also appealing to employers because they are shorter courses. Traineeships allow employers to offer opportunities at a challenging time when work is minimal.

Do you deliver any other programmes using OneFile?

We also use OneFile to deliver apprenticeships in a number of sectors including, but not exclusive to, animal care, cyber security, rail, education and sport.

What impact has OneFile had on your organisation?

OneFile has had a massive impact. It has helped everyone be more organised and it has allowed everyone (learners, tutors, employers and internal/external auditors) to see the learner’s journey from start to finish.

How does OneFile improve efficiencies, engagement, outcomes etc?

With OneFile, the learner always has access to their learning and the support resources they need. It also allows them to see their progress and how far they have come, or sometimes how little they have done and what they need to do to improve. OneFile gives all members of our team a live snapshot of where we are as an organisation and every learner on programme within it.

Are there any features in particular that have supported your remote delivery?

Progress reviews and the options to create our own courses and teaching templates have really benefitted us. Everything can be accessed through OneFile in one place.

What would you say to other providers that are thinking about supporting traineeships?

Traineeships are excellent programmes which help young people gain the essential employability skills they need. A traineeship will help the learner get an insight in to the job role before making a big commitment like an apprenticeship which could be anything from 1-3 years. Traineeships also help the employer to see if that learner is right for their business. In the long run, this will massively improve retention rates for employers and training providers.


Nick Preston, EducationWise Group


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