Easton and Otley College

Easton and Otley College

"I think OneFile is a brilliant system that will revolutionise how we deliver across work-based learning."
Easton and Otley College chose OneFile as their eportfolio provider and went live in February 2016, supporting apprentices (as well as some short courses and commercial provision) studying Horticulture & Floristry, Hospitality & Catering, Professional Studies and Sport & Leisure.

Making the right choice

“We will soon be expanding to offer Agriculture, Engineering, Equine and a number of other land-based sectors. OneFile was selected due to a number of factors including price, features and reputation. We found it a real benefit to visit providers already using the OneFile system, to gain their recommendations too. We were reassured through the comprehensive sales process that included a number of presentations from various products.”

Fit for purpose

“We find a number of innovative features available on the OneFile software help us with our apprenticeship delivery. These include:

  • Assessment Plan Templates – these are used significantly to standardise delivery across the vocational teams. They raise the quality of our assessment planning and improve efficiency.
  • Forms – built to create our own reviews and induction, mid-point and exit learner surveys. The reviews support the capture of learner and employer voice.
  • Reviews – give us the ability to personalise through the form creation has allowed us to design a form that captures rich data.
  • Journals – we use this feature to improve the reflective practice of learners and the delivery team. It acts as one feature that, when reviewed collectively, records the learning journey of each individual."

Meeting our needs

"Reporting on OneFile is broad and detailed and in terms of providing quality provision, the system is strong and diverse. OneFile is flexible enough to adapt and meet individual organisational and learner needs, and learning and support of learning can be recorded in a number of ways. IQA activity can be recorded in a strong way, too.

"From enrolment to completion the eportfolio system has the tools to ensure planning, judgement, feedback and reviews can be provided and recorded to a high standard.”

Support from day one

“We’re now developing an understanding of the system and the multiple features that can be applied over time to our provision. Our account manager provided the space and time for reflection so that we can consider how to best apply to our organisation. Therefore the induction and support has not been a ‘conveyor belt’ process, but rather a personalised project support mechanism.

"Cath is hard working and engaged with the process, clearly there to ensure we gain the most from the system we have purchased. The focus is heavy on the quality which is a great thing for us. I think OneFile is a brilliant system that will revolutionise how we deliver across WBL. It already has in some vocational teams. Like anything, when the functionality is identified (within the eportfolio), it does open more doors for development so the project continues to grow in size, but also in potential.”


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