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Eastleigh College

Taking evidence from our previous eportfolio (Smart Assessor) wasn't quick and easy, but from an assessor and IQA perspective, the move to OneFile has had a dramatic effect on working hours. More remote assessments can be carried out with learners, and learners are left with tasks to 'get on with'. If a learner cancels an appointment, work can be set on OneFile remotely.

The initial centre set up was done very quickly by our account manager, Jason Ferrett. In fact, it only took half a day!

The benefits

OneFile gives us the ability to work offline if no internet access is available, the app is easy to use.

We use it for:

  • Observations
  • Discussions
  • Capturing evidence
  • Witness testimonies

These can be captured as they happen, and evidence is easily attached and mapped across. Feedback can be given verbally (recorded), or written, before the learner and assessor sign off. Everything you need is there, so there's no waiting for the learner to sign when they log in to the live site. The app is a great settling tool as it's available to learners too. We also find OneFile beneficial for housing all staff CVs, and certificates so they're easier for the SV/IQA to look at. This has helped up keep our sampling up to date as we don't have to wait for portfolios to come in – units can be signed off as they're signed by the assessor and learner.

OneFile gives us a better percentage of progression for learners, and it's more motivational to see the percentage tracker on the dashboards. This gives learners real ownership of their qualification.

Knowledge and support.

The support provided by Jason has been amazing. He's offered lots of one-to-one support and helped us to put things onto OneFile when he 's come into see us. He keeps us up-to-date with software updates, new features and gives us personal support relating to our needs. Jason has supported my teams in two different colleges now and the support has been very detailed. The training sessions he delivers are very carefully planned. The support he gives individually after via phone or online is exceptional. The online resources for training are also very useful. The service and support provided by OneFile is quick and clear instructions are always given.

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