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City of Edinburgh Council

“I have seen the light! If you don’t have enough time to get things done, seriously consider moving to OneFile. It is fantastic!”
Since 2012 City of Edinburgh Council have implemented OneFile for a programme of EY practitioner trainees, and now offer modern apprenticeships on OneFile too.

We chose OneFile as it was recommended to us by the council.

"We use all aspects of the software – including forms, templates, ILP, plan templates, review and journals."

We love the journal feature.

"All our new starters are being fully enrolled onto OneFile this year. Our candidates use the online journal for their reflective practice and lift extracts to use in their portfolio.

"We also like the review format to see how someone is progressing – it’s perfect for planning a visit!

"We had an EV visit from SQA in April. I have delivered SVQs for over 20 years and up until two years ago, had only used paper portfolio. I have now seen the light! It was easy to show the EV what she wanted to sample."

I love eportfolios as it is much easier to locate work.

"I don’t have to carry a bootful of folders around and it is a great way to keep in contact with everyone involved in the programme. This year, for the first time, I have set up accounts for mentors who are supporting our trainees in the workplace. This means we’re all connected to each other."

OneFile saves a lot of money.

"It’s a fast and efficient way of providing evidence. We can send a lot of information through email – cutting down the amount of visits."

The reporting systems are great.

"Reports can be pulled to show managers’ progress and quality of provision. Workplaces are using the system for the first time and I can see the benefits already. Once we have provided them with a little bit of training and knowledge of how to use the system, it’s great for engaging employers."

The support is fantastic.

"Johnny Mathieson, our key link, has been excellent in supporting us using the system. He speaks to both staff and trainees to show us how to get the best out of what is out there. He is always at the end of the phone or email to assist."

I would recommend OneFile.

"If you value your time and feel that you don’t have enough time to get everything done, seriously consider moving to OneFile. It is fantastic."

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