Catch22: the RPL Funding Calculator is well worth the investment

Catch 22: the RPL Funding Calculator is well worth the investment

Why did you choose OneFile’s RPL Funding Calculator?

We used a paper version of the RPL calculator previously which was ok, but not very user friendly. On paper, we couldn’t work out scores or reductions automatically, so it was a much more manual exercise. The RPL Funding Calculator does all this quickly after initial setup. It’s also much more user friendly and easier to use, especially for learners. It also exports scores into OneFile’s scorecard so we can see what learners’ starting points are.

What were your main challenges? And how does the RPL Funding Calculator help you overcome them?

Our main challenges were getting learners to complete their skills assessment via a Word template and then having to manually tally scores and work out reductions. The RPL Funding Calculator has removed a lot of the manual side of this, so our processes are now much more efficient.

Have you had any feedback from applicants about the RPL Funding Calculator?

Out of all the learners that have completed their skills assessment so far, most have found it really easy to use. Our apprenticeship trainers also prefer the system, so all round it’s been embraced by all parties.

What’s your favourite thing about the RPL Funding Calculator?

The simplicity in completing the calculator itself. It’s easy to use and complete.

Does the RPL Funding Calculator improve your compliance with the ESFA’s apprenticeship funding rules?

Yes. It’s easy to store RPL evidence in one place, but more importantly, it also allows us to list the costs associated with each standard and show clear workings out when reduction is applied.

Has the RPL Funding Calculator improved your pre-enrolment process?

The RPL Funding Calculator has certainly made our pre-enrolment process more efficient. The time it takes to complete it still roughly the same, but a significant amount of time is saved as all RPL evidence is stored in OneFile. My compliance team can access completed RPL funding calculators immediately rather than having to wait for trainers to get it signed and sent.

Does the RPL Funding Calculator bring any financial savings?

Considering how quick and efficient it is, it saves in more time than money. It’s hard to quantify, but it’s certainly worth the cost of the licence, especially as it allows us to export scores into the scorecard.

What would you say to other providers thinking about investing in the RPL Funding Calculator?

It’s a well worthwhile investment. You do need to think about how this supports your existing pre-assessment activities, but this tool can certainly compliment or replace all/or parts of your pre-assessment processes.


Gary TarbuckAssistant Director of Apprenticeships | Catch22 (Vocational Training) 


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