Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council

"OneFile goes the extra mile... the sharing best practice events and annual conferences are great."
Cambridgeshire County Council started using OneFile in 2010 to support the assessment and quality assurance of vocational qualifications across the County Council.

User experience was the most important factor.

“When we were looking for an eportfolio system, price and reputation did come into it – but user experience was the most important factor. We’d heard excellent feedback from other users which supported our decision to go with OneFile. The things that stand out for us are ease of use, data security and communication.

"OneFile allows us to encourage employee engagement effectively, monitor learner progress and quality assure evidence. We have also customised the system to suit our needs, creating a bespoke space to store everything linked to learner.”

“Our assessors love OneFile’s journal feature. They use it to note down any concerns, successes and feedback relevant to the learner’s journey – providing an excellent audit trail to support the assessment cycle.

"We also use templates and are developing new ones all the time. The resources section is a great place to store resources for learners, and minutes and CPD records for IQAs and EQAs. We really like that you can set sampling policies so only allocated people can access certain resources.”

We love that we can personalise the system.

"We use the timesheets and reviews and have worked with OneFile’s excellent account managers to develop our own bespoke reviews, ILPs and forms – making OneFile personal to our assessment centre. We also use the reports and really like how easy it is to create a custom report just for us. It makes reporting to managers really easy and efficient.

"We find the clarity of the IQA system particularly useful. The sampling plans are so easy to use and view, helping you plan effectively as new learners come on board. We also like how an IQA can easily view a learner’s entire portfolio, and clearly identify if the assessment cycle has been followed. It makes the IQA role a joy!"

OneFile goes the extra mile.

“OneFile’s sharing best practice events and annual conferences are great. It’s good to be kept informed about new developments and be able to share them others. It’s also a great opportunity for standardisation.“

OneFile makes planning EQA visits easy.

“We have recently had a number of EQA visits from the awarding organisation and OneFile makes planning the visit easy. You can run up-todate reports at the touch of a button and send them to EQAs before the visit. The ease of access for the EQA before and on the day supports the transparent process we want to convey. It also means learners can’t forget to bring in their portfolios – which is great!”

"OneFile makes assessments more efficient as less travelling is required, and assessments and IQAs can be easily monitored for effective and timely completion of learners. It really supports employer engagement as they can monitor their employee’s progress and deliver the support they need, ensuring their time is used effectively.

"OneFile has also been very effective in standardisation and quality across the centre. Rather than just standardising within each qualification, OneFile has brought everyone together as a whole assessment team."

OneFile has helped us massively.

“Their expert knowledge and support ensures you never stand still with improving and developing your processes and learning about OneFile."


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