Bridgwater College

Bridgwater College

"If you're thinking about moving to eportfolio, embrace the change."
Bridgwater College considered whether eportfolio was fit for purpose and easy to use. They also considered the price and that the software needed to be accepted by the awarding body. Ron Foord, the Engineering Contracts Manager, explains why they chose OneFile.

The features we enjoy

“As a college we tend to use the plan templates, forms, reviews, journals and reports. We find the reports are very useful, as long as you can identify the right report to use as there are just so many. We use the assessment plan templates to good effect with the BTEC, and take advantage of the Announcements feature as it allows us to quickly get information across to all users of the system.

"Since using OneFile we find the unit progress matrix, template generated assessments and IQA sampling planning all very easy. We also use the system as a student file and store H&S review forms, learner agreement and certificates.

"At the college we recently had awarding body EQA visit, using OneFile we were able to demonstrate IQA planning, and this was very straightforward. With various audits it is useful with storing of information on reviews, certificates and other learner paperwork.”

Using OneFile cuts down on the amount of travel required by the assessors...

“ they can assess evidence from their desks. Reporting of progress is straight forward and available to the employers who opt to use it. The eportfolio helps support provision, especially ICT functional skills as we have devised resources that can be used by the learners. It allows employers to play a bigger role in the monitoring of their apprentice’s progress and training.

"Normally the technical support is very good however are a few developments which would reduce workload such as removing BTEC unit summaries, so we are looking forward to seeing these be rolled out in the future.”

If you’re thinking about moving to eportfolio, embrace the change.

"There is a fair amount of upfront work, but once you commit you will quickly see the benefits of using the system. Also from a quality assurance point of view having everything in one place makes inspections and audits so much easier. We would definitely recommend OneFile."


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