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Asset Training

"If you are looking to invest in an electronic portfolio system, OneFile is the one to go for”

Asset Training and Consultancy specialises in the delivery of apprenticeships and nationally recognised qualifications, as well as customised courses. Based in Merseyside, it was recently awarded an Ofsted Grade 1 – and credits OneFile with a key role in achieving the accolade. Here Derek Williamson, Quality Co-ordinator, explains.

“Before choosing OneFile, I had researched and attended various demonstrations of electronic portfolio systems. All the systems I looked at had similar functionality, but there was always something missing that stopped me from progressing any further.”

Software worth investing in

“When OneFile visited to demonstrate its software, within one hour I had agreed to invest in the system.”

“Since implementing OneFile we have never looked back. Everyone associated with the system is positive about it and the learners take to it like ducks to water.”

“The system is transparent and the functionality of it easy to understand. Learners are more engaged and actively take part in the assessment process and cannot wait to see their progress.”

A step towards ‘Outstanding’

“Our success with OneFile was noted by Ofsted inspectors and helped us to achieve our Grade 1 rating”

"Some of the comments from Ofsted included:

'Learners like using the electronic assessment and portfolio system to store evidence and progress records'

'Extremely effective electronic assessment and portfolio enables learners to submit their work remotely on a web-based system.'

'Tracking of learners and monitoring learner progress is highly effective.' "

Helping you respond to learner needs

“The OneFile system has a built-in resource portal where you can upload resources to assist your learners. There is also a facility to signpost to the relevant cohort, so they only have access to resources they require as part of the programme.”

“Although the time between visits has been decreased, the relationship between assessors and learners had been increased due to the built-in messaging system.”

“OneFile engages everyone, including learners, assessors, internal and even external verifiers due to the remote access facility. This has resulted in shorter EV visits.”

Support when you need it

“The support from OneFile is outstanding and nothing is too much trouble for them. If you are looking to invest in an electronic portfolio system, OneFile is the one to go for.”

“There are no large start-up costs and any outlay is quickly recouped in costs and time savings made.”


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