Anne Clarke Associates

Anne Clarke Associates

“What a difference OneFile has made. We have been able to significantly reduce our paper trail, boost assessor performance and improve our learner engagement!”

Anne Clarke Associates first started using OneFile in September 2008 as an alternative to paper-based portfolios. After offering a blend of electronic portfolios and paper-based portfolios for several years, they decided to fully roll out OneFile to all new Apprenticeship and Workplace enrolments from January 2015.

Overcoming the fear of technology...

“Whilst we had always seen a steady take-up of OneFile use for Business Skills qualifications, we had never really pushed eportfolios for the Health and Health & Social Care sector. This was due to a pre-conceived notion that learners in these areas had an aversion to using IT equipment… but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

"Since rolling it out as our preferred portfolio option, our assessors, learners and employers have all extremely enjoyed using the OneFile system for its accurate progress tracking, ability to carry out activities remotely and the range of reporting facilities available.”

Price matters!

“When deciding which electronic portfolio system to choose, flexibility in the pricing system was a major factor. OneFile provides this flexibility with ease thanks to the staggered credit and licence service available – cost is not standardised and is dependent on the size of the qualification and framework being built. OneFile also compared favourably with its competitors.

"Having used other eportfolio services when working with our subcontractors, it is my opinion that by some considerable margin OneFile comes out on top thanks to its ease of use, breadth of features and reporting options; I have no doubt this is why it is also preferred by the awarding organisations we work with.”

Features galore

“OneFile has many useful features available from the get-go, which enable us as a centre to meet Ofsted, awarding organisation and funding requirements.

"We regularly use the plan templates which allow us to build frameworks of qualifications to our own specification, allowing for prompt allocation of learning aims for new enrolments. Review forms meet all of our centre requirements and are very flexible, in that they can be added to or amended as required. A recent example of this is how we have incorporated sections to review learner knowledge on the Prevent Duty, amongst other things.

"In our recent Matrix re-accreditation visit, the inspector found it a useful tool in tracking how our learners make progress and also in communicating information, advice and guidance via the available resources section.”


“One of the main reasons we decided to go with an e-portfolio system was to reduce our carbon footprint and to save on printing & administration costs. When you physically print a portfolio it costs:

  • To print the standards and other funding documentation
  • The centre the time of the individual who has to put the portfolio together
  • In fuel and again time to transport the portfolio to the assessor or learner
  • To post portfolios to IQAs and SVs.

The list is endless… With OneFile, so many of the processes are taken care of remotely and at your workstation computer.”

Benefits for everyone!

“OneFile has numerous industry recommendations and for many of the awarding organisations we work with, it is considered the gold standard. They love the fact we use OneFile. It makes their job easier, specifically with regards to the tracking of learner progress and how learner evidence is being used against criteria. The variety of reports available offer an easy to understand visual representation of anything they need to see. It makes their life easier, which makes your life easier.

"OneFile has many reports and functions available, whilst I cannot say our centre uses the whole breadth of what is on offer, our assessors regular use progress reports to see at the click of a button how their allocated learners are progressing.

"Similarly, employers enjoy this function and helps us to engage with them from the outset, whilst placing a level of responsibility on them to participate in their employees’ progress. As Contracts Manager and a Centre Manager user, I use the completed aims and portfolio options available, which assist me in making cash-flow projections and meeting our funding allocations.

"Subcontracting is made considerably easier to manage… We have experience of using OneFile both as a subcontractor and as a lead provider monitoring a partner’s progress. Rather than keeping endless spreadsheets and asking for paper reviews & assessment plans to be sent through, you have reports available on all learners at the click of a button, allowing you to easily monitor and audit learner files to meet funding requirements. In my experience you are less likely to make mistakes when subcontracting and gaps in learning are easier to spot.

"The customer support provided by OneFile is generally very prompt in resolving queries, with dedicated teams for the various services on offer. We have regular contact with our account manager and all field-based assessors love that they can contact the help desk as and when they need to.”

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