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Employers like OneFile because they can see what the learner's working on and what their current and expected progress is. It's clear to see that OneFile enhances employer engagement.

The eportfolio for everyone

Having looked at various eportfolios, in 2012, we made the strategic decision to move our learners – across all occupational sectors – onto OneFile. Armed with iPads, staff were sent out into the workplace to continue to do what they had always done, but with the expectation that technology would improve the speed and efficiency of assessment. Learners, employers and assessors would be the ultimate beneficiaries, and managers at Alliance Learning would have effective reporting facilities to observe learner progress and manage performance.

The majority of assessors were sold on OneFile because it meant the boots of their cars would be empty, and they wouldn’t need to collect and deliver portfolios during sampling week! Those who were reticent about the changeover eventually adapted, due to Alliance Learning’s consistent approach and the support and training given by our OneFile account manager, Anne Stott, and OneFile’s technical support team.

Evidencing learners’ progress for Ofsted

Having used OneFile for 5 years, we’ve been able to customise it so that it works for us. Our recent Ofsted inspection provided confirmation of our efficacious use of OneFile!  We could quickly provide information and reports at the inspectors’ request and, most importantly, evidence learners’ progress against targets and time on programme.

Learners like OneFile because it’s easy on the eye, with customisable display settings and icons to help navigate around the eportfolio. They’re motivated to increase their progress, and employers like it because they can see what the learner is working on and what their current and expected progress is. It's clear to see that OneFile enhances employer engagement, which was a high priority on Alliance Learning’s Quality Improvement Plan.

Were now 100% auditable

Assessment and quality assurance is effective and efficient, providing a fully auditable trail, which is extremely beneficial in our observation of learning and assessment work scrutiny activities. It has changed the way standards verifier visits are conducted, removing the requirement to send information prior to visits.

You get out what you put in

You get out of OneFile what you put in.  At Alliance Learning, we have monthly OneFile meetings, with an agenda covering resources, standards, cohorts, framework templates, forms, licences and users in order to keep OneFile up to date. We ask questions and give feedback to OneFile staff. We refuse to allow ourselves to become complacent and actively encourage our staff to get involved in setting up assessment templates and designing and producing forms, amongst other things.

Safe with support

In 2012, we threw ourselves into the OneFile ocean and the technical support team were the armbands that kept us afloat.  We are swimming along nicely in the OneFile ocean, safe in the knowledge that the support team are not too far away if we need them – which sometimes we do!

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