The UX research programme is all about understanding what you want. Yes, you – our users! We want to know how you interact with our products, how you feel about completing your tasks on OneFile, and where you may need extra support from us or your training provider.

Want to get involved?

1. Sign up

Follow the button below and fill out our sing-up form to register for future research events. The information you provide will help us to find the most relevant studies for you and maximise the impact your insights could make.

2. Participate

When we’re running a study that’s relevant to you, we’ll let you know all the details and tell you how you can take part. Studies may take place in the OneFile offices, we may arrange a visit with you, or ask you to participate online via remote conversations, questionnaires or surveys.

3. Improve

Once your participation is complete, we’ll use the insights you’ve provided to help improve the development of our products and features. You’ll also have our eternal gratitude for helping us make our products the best they can be.

4. Your data

All information you provide will only be used for research purposes to improve the experience of our products and services. Your information will never be shared with any party outside of OneFile, and your contributions will be kept anonymous wherever possible.

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