Whether you’re an Early Years professional, a parent or child, starting a new term is always stressful.

There’s so much to remember – lunchbox…check!   car keys… check!    smartphone… check!   learning journal… ???

Your bag is already bursting at the seams, and your brain is full to capacity, so we don’t blame any parents or practitioners who forget the odd workbook or loose paperwork – after all, everyone’s human. But what can you do to make your morning routine that little bit less flustered?

Choose an online learning journal

There are also tons of apps and other software products out there to help you restore your work-life balance, but we think there’s no better way to get the best advice than straight from the horse’s mouth!

At OneFile, we work with Early Years settings across the country, so we’ve asked them to give us their top ten tips for staying organised throughout the week!

Have breakfast

We all know it’s the most important meal of the day – and we’d never let our children skip brekkie, but so many adults do! Give yourself an energy boost every morning – it’ll have a massive impact on the rest of your day!

Make it digital

Never lose your lesson plan again! With an online learning journal, all your documents are safety stored in one place and accessible on any device.

One size (almost) fits all

Make an activity plan template for your setting. Then, when it comes to organising each task, you can just update the template to suit you. With a digital version, all your staff can use it too!

Ask for help

Parents love getting involved in their child’s learning and development – so get them to help! With a digital learning journal, you can send messages and activity plans home, and parents can send evidence back. It’s a win-win!

No more déjà vu

Don’t waste time standing around chatting, email a weekly newsletter that explains what’s going on in class. You won’t have to repeat important information to every parent and it will ensure mums and dads are keep in the loop.

Bring nature inside

Add a soothing touch of greenery to your setting with plants, flowers and ferns. They’ll oxygenate the air to make you feel more calm – and they’re great for science projects too!

Standards first

When you’re planning activities, begin at the end. Always have the specific standard you want to achieve in mind. That way, every task will have an important part to play in each child’s learning journal.

Be flexible

Creating a activity template makes planning fast, but it has to be flexible too. With a digital version, you can mix it up as much as you need!

Easy break up

Split your lessons into short chunks. Your children will focus more and you’ll be able to fit more activities into the day.

Storage Space

Getting children to tidy up after themselves can be a challenge – so make it fun! During a creative activity, transform old boxes, jars and cartons into storage containers for pens and toys – the brighter the better!


These small changes could make a massive difference to your daily life, so give them a try! Another way to help all the staff in your setting stay more organised is with an Early Years Learning Journal. Our simple software is beautiful to look at, easy to use and guaranteed to save you time and money! To learn about the top five benefits of the OneFile learning journal, download our free guide here.

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If you still have children joining your nursery over the next few months, download our handy settling in forms. It’s a great way to ease both parents and children into the process. You can also read our guide here.


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